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Cheap gym membership

Welcome to Cheap gym membership - a website that designed to help you find all the best gym memberships across the UK, where you can afford to workout! With leading clubs offering more facilities and equipment, a cheap gym membership is still available, you just need to know where to look!

With the recent recession, gym memberships for many are an unnecessary expense so we want to help you find the leading gyms and clubs that offer a little more. There's often free days, free weeks, no joining fees or other incentives to get you in the door. In fact the cheap gym membership may be about to make a return if the continued economic environment remains.



3 month memberships

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Cheap gym membership continually searches for the best gym membership deals and we hope that you find some great savings at your local gym - whether it's a chain or not.

The reason why some health clubs offer a gym memberships on the cheap is simple; the gym industry has become increasingly competitive and as such, the major gym chains are looking for new ways in which to attract you to their gyms over one of their competitors. Please search our website for great gym offers at your local gym :

Cheap gym memberships :

There's a number of health clubs offering some great deals right now, you just need to find one in your area and then get a FREE day pass to try them out!

Fitness First

Fitness First are a gym chain that has some of the finest locations in the UK. We are currently working with Fitness First to secure you some great offers on yearly gym subscriptions.

» Fitness First gyms

David Lloyd

David Lloyd are a gym chain that has some of the finest venues in the UK. We are currently working with David Lloyd to secure you some great offers on yearly gym subscriptions.

» David Lloyd gyms

LA Fitness

LA Fitness offer a great alternative - especially around London. With personal trainers always on hand, the option of some great studio classes and value for money memberships for off-peak use, find out more.

» LA Fitness gyms

Virgin Active

Virgin Active Gyms & Health Clubs are now one of the leading gym chains in the UK. We can tell YOU how to save money off your Virgin Active gym membership.

» Virgin Active gyms

Top Gyms

» David Lloyd
» Virgin Active
» Fitness First
» LivingWell
» Bannatyne's
» LA Fitness
» DW Sports & Fitness
» Nuffield Health

Key towns

» London gyms
» Birmingham gyms
» Glasgow gyms


We strongly advise you to seek professional medical advice before you do any exercise or fitness training.
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